Going to Tsawwassen Ferry

I enjoy commercials.  The one that comes to mind is the Fountain Tire guy who gets himself on a plane “Going to Winnipeg!”.  But, that wasn’t his intent.  Yet, open to where the moment will take him.

Getting ready for the  road trip to Victoria.  To the new land.  Or, in this case, the new Island – to live, work and play.

But, first “Going to Tsawwassen!”  I say this with just as much excitement and curiosity as the Fountain Tire guy!



We think our dog knows the meaning of the word Soon. Why not?  He’s a poodle.  He’s intelligent. He seems to know what it’s all about.  

Walk?  Soon.  Hungry?  Soon.  Living in Victoria? Soon. 

My hubby has been living in Victoria since the beginning of February.  I, with my dog, will be arriving May 31st.  We will arrive to start telling the stories of life on the Island.