Garlic Scape Jam

I too love to hear the jar lid ‘pop’! Just a couple of weeks I made 4 jars of garlic scape jam from 49 scapes. Garlic scapes are the hidden gems in my garden. Jam on Everyone! (Posted June 27th on CBC North by Northwest FB)




First vegetable of the season

The first vegetable of the season sowed on April 7th; eaten on May 6th. French Breakfast Heirloom radishes. Ready in 25-30 days. Happy about this however, according to West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide, the real secret to growing this little vegetable is speed. WCSG guide writes … Sow a short row frequently, thin them quickly, keep them watered, eat them quickly and sow some more. Easy. This season, compliments to new found knowledge studied in the Master Gardeners course at HCP, I seeded the radish in a banded row fashion. Envision 2 single rows in one. A broad banded row. I divided the wide banded row into 4 sections. A section is similar to a square. Seeds are sprinkled throughout a square. The idea behind this is to use up as much soil as possible for vegetables and less on compacting soil by walking up and down long rows. You’re on your knees or squatting a fair amount as you sow each section. Of course, one can stand and bend. As you harvest you’re in onto the area from the side. There is a bit of stretching required – forward bend stretch – a good yoga stretch while gardening.

All in all, the first vegetable of the season seeded in a square fashion. Here’s a look at the radishes

FullSizeRender-9 copy


Roots grow up to 2 inches. I was alittle excited in this first pull. A little short on the 2 inches. But worth the early pull.