Saving the lemon tree

image imageWhew! Problem-solving and patience is saving my lemon tree. For the most part, all trees and shrubs grow best in the ground. Lemon trees grow best in front of south facing wall. We don’t have that luxury so my lemon tree is in a large enough container for its current size, sitting in front of the wall. Lemon trees love soil with some sand ( adores drainage ) and likes to sit in moist soil (loathes soggy soil). After accommodating Lemon’s needs, it’s leaves curled, turned yellow and not a bee was in sight to pollinate. To take care of limited bee action, I q-tipped between the flowers (experts do this, too) and feed the soil Epsom salts (injects of magnesium) fruit food (doses of N-P-K) plus, water and time.

I am so excited! 2 tiny, tiny lemons are growing … one is hiding behind a bright, green leaf.🍃




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