Happy Happy Joy Joy – a hike up Mill Hill

imageIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

It’s the morning of December 31st. The last day of another year on the island. The day’s plan was to climb up Bear Hill with the CRD group. Instead, my white shadow, sniff-sniff companion and I took a quick hike up Mill Hill before picking up my car at the shop. “Happy New Year. Same to you.” exchanges as we gently huff ‘n puff our way to the top. Yeah, civilization. Others enjoying Mill Hill, too.

Hmmm, it’s warm. It’s sunny. Not too warm for the wool Cowinchan sweater I’m proudly wearing today.


As we round a bushy corner on top of the hill, a dog breaks through a thin layer of ice that has formed on a small pool of water.

No one is in danger, here.

We play with the sun as it casts our shadows on the freshly cracked ice.


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