Weekly Photo Challenge: Twists

Himalayan blackberries are an invasive blackberry shrub on the island. It’s a given, that pails full can be picked for free along The Goose, roadsides and backyards. In the parks, invasive species are removed to help native plants and animals live, to live without becoming a rare species or endangered species. Around the nesting areas of the western painted turtles, Himalayan blackberries shrubs, thick thistle and dense grassy patches cover the flat, open sandy grounds turtles love to nest in. Today, we removed the invasive species however, a local eco-artist is transforming the pesky invasive plant into eco-art.

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twists

  1. This is my first time by your blog. We have quite a few invasive plants here in West Michigan such as Purple Loosestrife and, the one I used to battle constantly, Russian Olive. From your photo I can see how Himalayan Blackberries could easily choke out the local life.


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