the day to look back

“We’re going to Tsawwassen!”  Hear the excitement?  Unlike the character in the Fountain Tire commerical who anticipates happiness when he sings out “Going to Winnipeg!” I was alittle apprehensive about my move to the island.

The move to the island was a few years in the making.  My hubby and I decided to make a lifestyle change after he was forced to make a career change.  For almost three  years while he lived in an unemployed status, I worked and secretly planned how we, moreso, how I would live on an island.  An island? You see, I’ve lived most of my life on prairie land.  Until the move I never really saw how the land on the prairies can go on and on. How big the sky truly is and how coming by lakes and rivers was more a part of a “planned vacation.”  I realized I was geographically challenged!

I have been a proud prairie girl.  I still am. I am like a mountain goat.  A sure-footed, mountain-climbing soul both physically and mentally.  Now, we were to live surrounded by water, drive up island surrounded by water and oh yes, if I don’t take an airplane off the island, I now have to take a ferry to get off the island.  More water!  The few mountains and hill after hill after hill on the island doesn’t quite satisfy this sure-footed, flatland land mammal.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was excited about our move.  About our change.  Though, just a little worried about how I was going to actually live on the island. My hubby wasn’t worried, though concerned for me.  Neither was our dog worried.  Easier for them.  My hubby used to live here and dogs are adapable.

The move here was contingent on the first one getting a job.  Dog excluded. After a couple of years, my hubby succeeded.  Yay!  He drove over and I was left to sell the house and quit my job.  Both happened in just three months after his departure.  Yay, for the house selling and me quitting a dead end job.  However.

So, with an unexpected, excessively packed vehicle, room for the dog on my travelling companion’s lap for the two day road trip, we set off for Tsawwassen.  Tsawwassen to take the ferry to the island.  A ferry to get to my new home. That’s when the change finally became real.

This prairie girl who’s becoming an Island Girl.


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