Summer is behind us

The summer days were full of adventure. A month of sanding & staining the grey, tarnished cedar fence. Looks like new now. Ah the cool ones never tasted better. The garden grew. Produced. Aside from the cabbage. I finally had to chop it down after my 2 sisters looked at it and well, they were kind.  The cabbage grew like Jack’s beanstalk. Never formed heads. Restoration work of digging  and clipping invasive weeds was fun. Being outdoors and working with like-minded people. Volunteering at a local nature centre was a grand venue for meeting visitors from afar. Lengthy chats with local walkers and joggers who would “just stopping to see what you have here.”  Off island guests came and went and there were many, many walks and hikes with The Dog.

A few things fell in between the summer cracks. Not my new found love of taking pictures.

I just know there is a story behind this photo.

Foot Bridge memory5


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