Yup, I’m going to talk about garlic.  Last October I planted 24 garlic bulbs.  3 rows of 7, 3 different types.  So, winter came and went.  Garlic grows throughout the winter months.  Well, it doesn’t need to push through snow.  Tall green leaves.  Beautiful.  It’s growing.  Hmm, wonder when I should pick it?  Check with my GG ‘garden guru” and read up that July is the month.  In July, stop watering when 2/3 of the leaves are yellow.  2/3 ?? OK.  Oh, she also said, snip off the ” scapes”. Scapes?  Don”t want them to lessen bulb growth. Off I went to have a look-see at the garlic.  OMG!  Where did the green, curly scapes growing from the center of the green leaves come from?  Never saw them!

Who knew?  Obviously, someone new to growing garlic.

Oh, by the way, a garlic scape is a cross between garlic and a scallion. Yum.

The harvest  begins …



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