Anyone see the cake?

OMG! 28degrees C!  Watered the garden, got on the bike (ouch!) and went off to Fort Rodd Hill for Canada Day celebrations.  FREE admission and FREE birthday cake.  I had two huge pieces.  OMG! If you’re ever on the island and need cake – who doesn’t need cake? – purchase it from the local Thrifty’s.  You will always be happy eating cake from Thrifty’s.  Happy Canada Day!

I have no photo of the Canada Day cake.  Whoosh!  Gone within minutes.

However, on a historical site, permanence is all around us.

On top of Fort Rodd Hill, as you look to the right, the Olympic Mountains lie between sky and water.  The mountains are 35 million years old.










As you look to the left, you see the first lighthouse on Canada’s west coast, the Fisgard Lighthouse.  The lighthouse built in 1860, making it 153 years old.










Canada.  146 years old today.



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