First cherry tree blossoms …

… in our backyard!  Yes, I did plant it.  I planted it 2 months after arriving on the island. Last July.  I wasn’t too sure if it would grow as I don’t know too much about cherry trees.  Not knowing the quality of soil in our backyard.  I really didn’t give it any special care through the winter months.  The slim tree branches survived the rainy months.  Last week I saw green buds on it.  Oh, a good indication that the tree is alive.  However, I did see a white mesh of aphids around a couple of the green buds.  So out came the dish soap and water.  One good wash last week.

Today, as I look out on the tree I, OMG “there are tons of aphids on the tree!”  Oh no.  Still wearing my bedroom slippers I ran out in the early morning hours to OMG “white blossoms, lots of them!” on the tree.  A beautiful spring morning.




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