I really did do this

Hung wet clothes to dry this afternoon. Outdoors. Honestly.  So?  It’s March 25th!  I hesitated to do so.  Maybe it will rain?  Maybe it’s too cold?  Maybe the sun won’t shine on them?  Then, the thought.  Why not?  Sheesh.  Odd.  It’s still winter here.  Well.  Not really for spring was declared just a few days ago. Throughout the universe, in fact.  So, just go hang the clothes outdoors!  As I do so, I think of all the winter days my mother hung clothes outdoors in -20 snowy days.  Come on.  No dryer.   If she could do this in old country – really, Alberta – I can be this on the island on March 25th. In fact, pretty much any day that doesn’t rain!

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