Happy Equinox, Happy Spring

This morning I took a walk with my friend and took this photo.   Yes, the first day of spring and the skunk cabbage is growing along the streams. New plant to me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysichiton_americanusnear Rithet's Bog, Sannich

Rithet’s Bog, Sannich



So while I was strolling in the warm weather this spring day, my sister was shovelling freshly, fallen snow onto already high snowbanks.  Ahh, forgotten memories?  Nope.  I remember well.  In the morning she sent a photo of her backyard, well, I think it was her backyard.  Couldn’t see it under all that snow!  She sent her Merry Christmas wishes for the day.  In turn, I sent her this photo of skunk cabbage. I told her I really wasn’t bragging but, here’s my “Happy New Year” photo to her “Merry Christmas” photo.  A fair exchange, I think.   It didn’t stop there for this afternoon while she shovelled – again – I sent her a photo of me cutting the grass in our front yard.  Yup, she could see the yard amongst the grass!  :))

Happy Equinox no matter where you live and no matter what you’re doing on this day.

My sister and I were just having a bit of fun.


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