Mount Washington, the winter museum

This past weekend we drove to Mount Washington.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive up island.  We were finally going to snowshoe on the island!

Going to Mount Washington was like going to a museum and then, being in the museum.

It was raining when we left the house, then dry & sunny, then a cold front storm hit us.  The tops of tall trees were bending straight downward.  Within minutes the rain was gone but the wind blew. Sheesh.  The car swayed as we drove.  How could people drive 110K at this very minute?  Then, the wind was gone.  Dry road, shades of blue sky and big, fluffy clouds.  Mount Washington was to our left.  Exit 130.  At this turn is when I thought we were entering the museum.  It was winter!  Right at Exit 130.  Snowy, curvy roads; deep ditches full of snow, temperature dropping as we drive up.  Snowboarders, ski lines, snow boots, toques, people wearing toques, real snow; all signs of winter to me.  Odd.  The winter was only on Mount Washington.

Winter on the island is turning at Exit 130.  Mount Washington.  The island’s winter muesum.


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