February is garden planning month

Well, the garlic is growing.  A row each of Persian Star, Fish Lakes and Chesnok Red was planted in October.  The winter broad beans are as tall as Jack’s beanstalk!  I don’t see any pods, though.  Apparently, they need full sun.  Didn’t see much of that during these winter months.  I’ll leave them and see what happens in the spring.  Here, February is the month to visit Seedy Saturdays.  It was on my calendar to visit one of the biggest Seedy Saturdays today but, a nasty eye cold keeps at home.  The seed catalogue, my local garden guru’s garden path book and bcliving gardening website will have to do. February is the time to …

Russian composting.  Make sure the areas are marked.  A beautiful way to do this is plant sweet peas on top of the compost areas.  Sweet peas attract bees and bees are good for vegetable plants.  I have some pretty good compost from last  June.

Cover the rhubarb with a huge terra cotta pot.  It likes that. Apparently. Relocate to the front and maybe get 2-3 more.

Build a cold frame.  I’ll have my hubby help me on this.  Will start checking out Used Victoria for the old window frames.

I’m thinking mostly root vegetables in the 10 ft by 20 ft garden plot I dug out last October.  Eco-gardening, eco-eating on the island.  Well, I will still be going to local farms for other produce.  Of course, to support local farmers, too.

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