There are drops of snow in my garden

OK.  They’re snowdrops.  Like I spoke of yesterday but today, hey, they’re growing in our backyard.  No, I did not plant them. Funny.  The place they are growing is the place I “re-organized” in June.  In the raised bed shrubs and plants were all green, no flowers; big ones shadowing small ones.  I rearranged all of them but darn, don’t recall seeing what I saw today.

Snowdrops are spring flowers!  They come up only in spring and disappear before you know it!

What a great surprise! It’s now spring on the island. In our backyard.

Really cool.  I was so excited of course I took a picture of them.  OMG.  The garlic I planted in October has started to sprout.  See the tiny green stalks at the back of the snowdrops.  Spring is just around the corner.



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