first ever Family Day in BC

Where were you when?  Ever hear that question when something significant has happened?  Lady Di’s fatal car crash. Elvis Presley’s passing. John Lennon’s shooting.

How ’bout when Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation today?

Not everything has to be fatal.

BC celebrates it’s first Family Day. I am here.  When the Pope made his announcement.  Well, here.

However, being here is not that exciting compared to where my sister and her husband were when “Where were you when the Pope made his announcement?” You guessed it; not Alberta but Rome!

My sister started her message by letting me know that there was a thunderstorm in Rome.  OK.  But, it’s February.  Guess that would be significant enough to ask Where were you when? there was a thunderstorm in Rome in February.  But, wait.  They were right in front of the Vatican!  When “suddenly there were police all over the place, cars and motorcycles and noise.”   They returned to their hotel to hear the news on the TV.

Now that was significant.

However, I think the thunderstorm in Rome in February was more significant news to my sister.  She thinks it may have something to do with  Pope Benedict’s resignation. Is she divinely connected?

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