Haute Cuisine film & Bean-To-Bar Chocolate bar moment

Off to Victoria’s Film Society today.  Yay!  Two well-chosen films seen.  Haute Cuisine (a must see for all you french cuisine foodies/chefs) film and Le Magasin des Suicides (a must see for all of us 🙂 International films from Paris and Belgian.

After Haute Cuisine we visited Cook Culture, a cooking school and retail shop right around the corner from Empire Theatres. (if you’re ever on the island) I don’t think I’ll take any of the cooking classes and probably wouldn’t purchase any pots and pans (though, they do have the crepe pan I’ve been thinking of getting -) BUT, I will return to purchase a $10 or $12 chocolate bar!

As I salivated over the chocolate bar rack, and told that one will be purchased for moi, I came across a chocolate bar with “pig blood” .  Oh, tasty.  Hmm, not. A couple who had just been at Haute Cuisine film were also choosing a fine chocolate bar, too.  What was cool to me was that the lady’s partner is a chocolate maker and is from France.  Quite a coincidence. My hubby eavesdropped on their conversation which was in French and of course, the two of them conversed about the pig blood in the chocolate bar.  I was more concerned about what exactly was said (I need to learn more than Comment allez-vous? from french 20) than the pig blood food item in the chocolate.  The translation revealed that pig blood is just beet juice.  Sheesh!  Vraiment?

I choose Safran und Pistazien bar.  A product of Austria.  To be eaten by February 15th, 2013.

Really?  February 15th?

All gone!

Hey, you can even go on line and order chocolate from this place  www.cookculture.com


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