Did we just see …

Today I’m here to tell you about Dog’s walk on the Goose this afternoon.

'Dog, where is everyone today?"
‘Dog, where is everyone today?”

Have a look at this photo.  Look at it carefully. The Galloping Goose is a paved trail that travels through urban and rural land.  As you know it’s right next to our house. The landscape feature on my camera gives you this photo – paved trail, markings, moss, grass, trees, a red roof to your left.  If you decide to do the Goose some day, I believe the house is on Traverse Road.  Just off Atkins Road.  Again, next door to our neighborhood.  Ah, a beautiful walk with Dog this afternoon. The sun is out.  It feels like spring is in the air. Generally, as The Goose is a multi-use trail we tend to pass  cyclists, joggers, dogs, dog walkers, humans, baby strollers but never have …….

OMG! That’s a Llama!


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