Late night viewing with TEDTalks

So, it’s late.  My hubby has gone to bed.  Dog is confused if he should join him or stay with me.  Poor dog.  Dog is a “pd” dog, aka patterned dog.  Just before we head off to bed he’s let out to do his business “Go pee”  That’s a sign to head up to bed right after.

Dog stays with me.  As I flip through Apple TV I came across Ted Talks.  An artist from New York talks about his project “one second every day”, inspired by a talk he heard about the power of time off. At the age of 30, the artist is recording one second every day for the rest of his life.  He’s compiling the seconds into one continuous video. Kinda cool.

If you want to check it out google one second everyday in youtube.

It may inspire you!


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