Mystery date turned cold

“It will bring back memories.”  This is what my hubby said when we were on our way to our mystery date.  My mystery date for he new where we were going!  We were off to the University of Victoria.  Hmm.  We had tickets for the “date”.  Hmmm.  Got to the UVic University Centre Farquhar Auditorium.  First of all, I’m impressed with this auditorium.  (they must host their convocations here … like the Jubilee Auditorium … but, smaller)  We enter and there are a lot of people malling around.  I even notice someone I know but, not.  Being on the island has less ‘oh, I know you, great seeing you here” moments.  For now,my hubby says.

We sit in seats right above the stage, right above the podium where I guess someone will be speaking, on??


It’s Paul Nicklin!  The Paul Nicklin!!

Nope.  Didn’t know him at that moment but, definitely do so now.  And, I’m thinking a lot more of us should get to know the work he does and why he does the work.

Paul Nicklin is a naturalist and wildlife photographer.  The evening’s presentation was Paul telling his stories through amazing, amazing photos of polar bears, emperor penguins, narwhals (yes, earth’s very own unicorns) leopard seals, elephant whales and bearded seals.  The photos were like no other National Geographic’s photographer has taken.  Moments captured through the patience and time. His message is that without ice, there will be an eco-system that will also just melt away.  A pun to help remember the impact climate change has upon the northern regions animal life.

A great storyteller, authentic photos and a great mystery date that truly turned cold.  It’s all about perception, folks.


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