Half Marathon

Before I left, I signed up for the Victoria Marathon.  Well, I signed up for the Half Marathon.  As a race walker, not runner.  No, I’ve never participated in ‘a’ Marathon before.

At a going away get together with ERC friends, since 2 race walk friends signed up, I thought, “Why not?  I’ll be living there and this way I’ll get to see them.”  What was I thinking?  Must have felt homesick even before arriving on the island.

As this day neared, I thought I should probably train.  However, I didn’t.  Not even a thought of intention.  You would think that all the cycling, hiking, yoga plus, sleep and fresh tasty food will get me to the finish line.  Wasn’t worried if I came in last behind the 14,000 runners of the day.  Seriously, there were 13,800 runners  (give or take a few)  And, Half Marathon runners/walkers had up to 6 hours to complete the 21K/13M route.  Apparently, the scenery was enough to have anyone register for the event.

So, I didn’t really train.  I didn’t even hear from, never mind see the race walk colleagues from ERC.  However, the morning was beautiful, the scenery fantastic, cheering fans along the route (many sipping coffee, sitting on couches, on their front lawn) and I – Island Girl – race walked the Half Marathon – every step – in fine, fine form and time. Even crossed the finish line with 2 race walkers from Oregon who were doing the Half Marathon for the very same reasons I did (though, they weren’t feeling homesick when they signed up)

Grateful I did it and yes, I will do it next year.




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