BC Day long weekend

Today it was hot.  Though only  28 degrees C compared to yesterday’s 31 degrees C, Dog and I do the neighbourhood for our daily walk.  Generally, it is a 20 minute walk on hot days – through the local park, up the mountain and down the road that is designated as a closed road.  The walk ends in front of our house.  Sometimes the expected 20 minute walk turns into a longer walk.  It all depends if we meet a neighbour, dogs in the park or like today, two deer running in front of our very eyes.

As we walked up the mountain, we stop in our tracks.  To our left, two deer came through the bush, crossed the road and jumped into a bushed, backyard.  Just like that. What a beautiful sight. Dog also seemed to enjoy what he was seeing for he stood and watched them move.  Just stood and watched.  Not a sound.  Not a move.  As if time stood still for him.  Then, at the moment they couldn’t be seen by both of us, ‘bark, bark, pull, pull,sniff, sniff” FAST.  One moment not so brave, the next moment, brave from a distance.

As we walked a little further up the mountain and as Dog walked onto a driveway, I saw one of the deer leap ever so lightly over a 6 foot fence.  Lightly and gracefully, the deer jumped.  Beautiful to see!  Glad Dog didn’t see her!

We’re back home now and Dog lies on his rug, he’s rapidly panting and with eyes closed, he’s smiling.  Happy to have gone out for a 20 minute walk.



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