Finlayson Mountain surprise

During the weekend, Beau likes to take us somewhere on the island.  Just somewhere.  In a way, it doesn’t matter where for there are so many places to go to.  It’s just great that we get to go somewhere on the island.  Last evening it was a drive to Goldstream Regional Park.  Yup, another park.  This park was familiar to me for I’ve been there at least twice but only managed short distance trails.  We got to see where the salmon will be spawning this October – it’s going to be exciting! – however, to my surprise, as we walked along the trail, Beau says “Oh, that’s Finlayson Mountain.”  That’s Finlayson’s Mountain, I scream!  I did scream.  Honestly.  I have been told about this mountain for days now.  I can’t really say the months for I’ve just been here for two months.  Sounds too short of a time period if only two months …

Finlayson Mountain is 400m high.  Not high but it’s steep with a Class 3 trail.  A Class 3 trail signifies scrambling on hands and knees in exposed areas on the mountain.  Cool, eh!  Believe me, initially I wasn’t excited about climbing this mountain but when I read that kids climb it, I’m thinking, what’s my problem?

I plan to climb Finlayson Mountain.   Many do and apparently, one can’t stay they’re from Victoria until they climb the Finlayson!


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