our FK hike

What a beautiful morning.  Yikes!  Not quite a morning person (nor is my dog) however, my friend is and she’s game to get out there!  Great.  I’m OK with the 8 am start – managed to get up at 7:45am, washed my face, put on the right clothes, feed Dog – and she arrives at 7:59am! OMG.  As it’s already hot, the long pants turned into short pants and off we go.  Car pulls out at 8:20am  Sorry my friend but not a bad start for someone who’s “not working.”

The drive to Francis Park Regional park was real quick.  Just 10 minutes away.  We arrive onto an empty parking lot.  Of course, it’s empty.  Who walks such dense bush this early in the morning?  We walk the trails using my paper copy map and my friend’s GPS (yes, it came in handy at times …) and enjoyed being amongst such nature.  Aside from the two barking dogs inside the resident-on-site house and a leaping deer (yes, my dog was on a leash even though he didn’t want to be) and our personal fear of a cougar near by (NOT) the trails in this park were great to be on this early in the morning.

And, I saw my first blackberries on the island. Exciting!  Though only just a small cluster starting to ripen, it’s a sign of so much, much more expected in a month’s time.  Exciting!


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