One month

It’s been one full month of setting up on the island and of exploring the island.  Within the last 30 days – to this date – we have set up ALL the rooms in our house and managed to host two family members, cycle the first of many, many kilometers and walked many dog-steps on the island’s trails (and hills)  I’ve managed to get around quite well considering all intersections have two different names – one name to the right, another to the left and considering, within a 5 – 10 minute drive, you’re in another town!  The weather has been mentionable – humans always talk about the weather – though we hear locals referring to how the weather has been cool and wet, I’m thinking that it’s just been fine. It’s probably because we don’t have other years to compare to but, we’ve managed to be out everyday.  The backyard has been re-constructed to be more “organized”  to accommodate a small vegetable plot and newly planted rhubarb, cherry tree and blueberry bushes.  Just bought the hand push lawnmower that needs to be assembled so, let the grass grow.

Dog has adjusted well making himself known in the neighbourhood as he answers other dog’s callings. Occasionally, he gets brave and starts the morning ritual.  He looks so sad as he sits tall, ears eagerly waiting, eyes big and black and then, the dogs don’t respond.  Since dogs live in the moment, we all know that it will be different the next time.  And it is.

Days have been occupied by just the sheer fact of moving to the island.

Tomorrow, we will take in Canada Day near the harbour.

There will be many new moments on the water.

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