Our backyard has a neighbour shared tree which attracts a number of different birds.  One in particular, the hummingbird.  Since we arrived my beau regularly says with an excited voice,  “See the hummingbird? It’s on the branch, near the fencepost, to the right of the corner of the back house.”  Most of the time by the time the location of the bird is completed, the hummingbird flies off.  Though, I do manage to see it when it’s flying!  However, every now and then the bird has sat still long enough for me to see it while the detailed location was heard.

Today, my encounter with the hummingbird was more special.  I was busy re-potting tomato plants on the entertainment patio and I heard subtle fluttering. I looked up and to my surprise the hummingbird was a foot away from my face, fluttering on the other side of the patio rails.  I watched it for what seemed like forever.

Just like that.

The hummingbird was by me and fluttered for what seemed more than a quick moment.

Pretty neat.

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