Mill Road Trail hike

When exploring, one really doesn’t know how long the adventure would take nor, where exactly we are going.

We decided to explore a trail in our front yard last Saturday evening around 6:05pm.  I was thinking it would just be a half-hour or so for, because it had rained in the afternoon and the Dog needed his walk and, because the pizza dough was ready to be made into a tasty crust, a little exploring sounded OK.  I convinced my Beau to join me because, hey, I’ve never been on that trail before and who knows, blab, blab, blab.  I’m still working on possessing a more confident, eager adventurous attitude.  In other words, not being scared to go out on my own.

So, we started at 6:05pm and as we climbed, and climbed, and climbed the mountain (apparently, it is a hill) we eventually ended up on top of the mountain, overlooking the area we live in.  Mind you, at that point, we were 600 ft above sea level AND in the clouds.

The Dog was let off his leash and latched on to a smell that got us worried – quite a bit.  He wand himself in a bushed area and though we could hear his “bling” (various tags) on his collar and I’m hoping he heard us, EVENTUALLY he realized he couldn’t see us and darted his way straight up to us.  I heard his huffs!

The hike back down the other side of the mountain did connect us to civilization (another hiker was climbing up while we were going down – he had nice eyes) and a residential area.  Good thinking on Beau’s part to take the old railway track (Are you sure a train isn’t going to come along? Trust the guide, trust the guide) back to the house for if we stayed on the road that had no sidewalk (by the way) we would have still been walking!

We returned at 8:00pm to pizza dough overflowing on the stove.

A demanding hike turned enjoyable, a tasty pizza and a very content dog.

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