Lots of moments during a longer drive

Day 3 on the Island.

After 20 hours of driving over two days, hoping to arrive in Vic for an earlier get together at the new house – we missed the 6pm ferry by 5 minutes!  I was told that I started to approach island living at a slower pace for I said, “No problem, we’ll just catch the next one in an hour”.  At the same time, my travelling companion teased me by asking if we were going on the right ferry.  I panicked a little for the ticket was purchased and we were in line to load “a” ferry.  Perhaps, a trip to Nanaimo was in order for the evening!?  Just like the Fountain Tire guy who was “off to Winnipeg”, I was going to be OK in getting on the wrong ferry.

Luckily, we did get on the ferry to Swartz Bay (Victoria!)

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